Hostgator Coupon Codes 2015 - April Promotions

hostgator coupon code
Published below is an updated list of working Hostgator Coupon Codes (April 2015) that offer the highest possible discount available. If any codes of higher value are released we will update this post immediately. To apply these coupons to your hosting invoice you will have to choose the Hostgator Coupon 2015 which you prefer and simply copy and paste!

30% OFF Hostgator Coupon for April 2015
The 30% off Hostgator discount for 2015 above will reduce the total on your first invoice by 30%. This code is highly effective when one pays for a longer term in advance. Valid on the Hostgator Hatchling, Baby, Business, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Plans. If this coupon works for you it overrides the 25% off coupon below!
25% OFF Hostgator Coupon Code
With the above code you will receive 25% off your hosting invoice. This code has been validated to work on all Hostgator's hosting plans and it is reliable. This percentage coupon is mostly used when customers are signing-up on a longer billing cycle of 6 months or more.
Hostgator 1 Cent Coupon Code ($9.95 Value)
Get hosting for a penny! With this Hostgator 1 Cent coupon code you will get hosting for one cent on the widely used Hatchling or Baby plans only. This code is effective on your first month's invoice, thereafter normal costs apply. The value of this coupon is $9.95! Valid on all packages!
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Unpopular Hostgator Promo Codes for April 2015
Hostgator Reseller Coupon Code 25% OFF
With the Hostgator Reseller Coupon above you will receive a saving of 25%. This code works on the Reseller plan from Hostgator but it has been tested on other plans as well and has proven to be valid on all plans.
Hostgator VPS Coupon Code - 25% OFF
Save 25% on any VPS plan with the above Hostgator Coupon for 2015. This discount code has now permanently expired. This promotion has ended and the code will not work at all.
25% OFF Hostgator Code
This 25% off  Hostgator coupon for 2015 offers 25% off all hosting plans. This code has now permanently expired and it will not work on any plans. Please try another code!

Coupon Code Redemption

You have chosen the best 2015 Hostgator coupon code from the selection above which is going to reward you the most, now what? Applying the coupons to your account is fairly straightforward and does not require a thorough examination. However, we will outline the final step in the process to help you secure your discount. Assuming you have already chosen your hosting plan and you are on the order page you will have to scroll to the bottom of the page to view the field where you enter the Hostgator coupon. It's hard to miss it but we have placed a screenshot directly below just in case you finding it a challenge locating the field. From the image you will see exactly where to input the code you have chosen.

Just copy the code and paste it in the field provided, you can then validate the code by clicking the "validate" button. Directly below the field where you entered the code you will see your discount total. Enjoy the savings you receive from using these coupons!

hostgator coupon code 2015

Interesting Facts About Hostgator:
  • Hostgator are owned by a listed company called Endurance International Group. Their ticker symbol or stock symbol is (EIGI)
  • Before the EIG acquisition, Hostgator was owned by Brent Oxley who started the business as a student in a dorm room at Florida Atlantic University over a decade ago (2002)
  • Hostgator possess an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) which is the highest rating that can be attained by a company
  • To lessen their carbon footprint and help protect the environment, Hostgator have powered their servers using 130% wind power

Getting Started With Hostgator

After you have signed-up with Hostgator and received your discount you will receive a Welcome email with your new hosting account details. You can now get your site up and running. We have placed a few helpful links below just in case you are not sure what the process is after signing-up with Hostgator:

Are you getting impatient waiting for your welcome email? Find out how long it should take to set your account up here:

Need to get your site online but don't know how? Here is a link to Hostgator's "getting started" tutorial:

Get your site up and running without any technical skills with Hostgator's Website Builder:

Disclosure: We have affiliated ourselves with Hostgator as they are one of the best web hosts you will find online. As an affiliate we may receive a commission payment when a visitor clicks our affiliate link or utilizes our customized coupon codes and proceeds to sign-up for hosting with Hostgator.

Up-To-Date Hostgator Reseller Plan Coupon Codes for 2015

Hostgator's Reseller Plan is such a versatile package that can be used for a diverse set of purposes. Whatever the reason for you signing up to this plan you can get an awesome discount with the latest and best Hostgator Reseller Coupon Codes published below. All promo codes are valid for this month (January 2015)

hostgator reseller coupon

Hostgator Reseller Coupon Codes (Jan, 2015):

get 30% off with this code

get 25% off with this coupon

get $9.95 off with this discount code

When applying these Hostgator Reseller Plan Coupons you should look at your first invoice total which will help you determine which coupon is more feasible to use. If your account invoice is over $35 then you should use the coupon TOP30 which provides 30% off.

However, if your invoice is less than $35 then the $9.95 off coupon will be best to use. Paying in advance over a longer billing payment cycle will provide the greatest financial benefit.

The coupons above are valid on the Reseller Plan but they can be used on any other hosting plan offered by Hostgator. Hostgator do not offer a separate reseller coupon!

The discount totals from these coupon codes are the maximum amount you can receive. I can guarantee this because I am partnered to Hostgator as an affiliate and I receive exclusive coupon codes from the company to promote their web hosting which is superior to most other providers. As an affiliate I am aware of what the best offers are and if there is a higher value coupon code offered by Hostgator they will contact me about it.

This is the reason I am able to give you the assurance that these coupons are the highest discounts available. As an affiliate I may receive compensation in the form of a commission should you choose to use the coupons here. This commission keeps me going in life but it surely does not negatively affect the amount you pay for hosting -- all it does is help you pay less! Thanks for using these coupons if you decide too!

Personally, I have used the Reseller Plan when I managed many websites of my own and it really help me organize things better as I had separate Cpanel access to each site and I could manage all my domains via WHM (Web Host Manager) which really simplified running my websites.

There are various reason why people choose the reseller plan, one reason is the same as that mentioned above but for the business minded individual the Reseller Plan allows one to sell web hosting for a fraction of the cost of renting out a Dedicated  Server. It is a great way to start a web hosting business but it is just a starting point -- as your business grows you will have to move to a Dedi Server. The features of the reseller plan helps you manage billing and support in a seamless way without a steep learning curve (if you new to it all). But there are tons of other features...

Some of the features of Hostgator's Reseller Plan:

hostgator reseller plan features

Whatever the reason for you choosing the Reseller Plan I wish you all the best. And if you used my custom Hostgator Reseller Coupons above I do appreciate it. For more Hostgator Coupon Codes visit the following page:

Better Results and Quality Support with the Hostgator Reseller Plan

The Hostgator reseller plan has been getting a lot of attention as of late, with users from all over the world exploring the advantages of running their very own hosting provider business.
Not only does Hostgator support remarkable reseller features that make it easy for you to manage a virtually unlimited number of hosting accounts from your clients, but the plan is also considered to be one of the cheapest and most advantageous ones you will find on the entire internet.

What Is Reseller Hosting?

Now, before we get into what Hostgator really has to offer, let’s take a quick look at how reselling works in the hosting world.

Basically, as a worldwide renowned hosting provider, Hostgator has enough servers to support reselling, while maintaining more than fair uptime and bandwidth levels, and while providing their clients with quality support.

What happens is that you get your own reseller account complete with a billing system and an advanced control panel to manage and sell your own hosting plans. As you find clients, they are provided with their own cPanel control panels, as well as various other assets and tools, such as a few Gb of disk space, domains and subdomains, MySQL databases and website creation software.
Due to Hostgator’s powerful servers and quality hosting system, you can keep everything running smooth for your clients, while earning money from the hosting plans you resell.

The Main Features of Hostgator’s Reseller Offer

Now, like many other hosting providers, Hostgator has various limitations when it comes to reseller accounts. Many of them, however, are quite attractive when compared to some of the hosting giant’s competitors.

For instance, the cheapest reseller plan (Aluminum) already provides you with up to 50Gb of disk space and a bandwidth of no less than 500Gb. Also, the price is less than $25 a month which makes it remarkably affordable.

Depending on the size and type of hosting endeavor you’d like to run, you have 4 other plans to choose from – Copper, Silver, Gold and Diamond – with monthly rates ranging between $35 and $100, and the most expensive account (Diamond) offering an impressive bandwidth of up to 1400Gb and 200Gb of disk space.

There are also quite a few unlimited features you can get with any of the 5 Hostgator account types:

  • An unlimited number of domains and subdomains, so you can sell as many hosting accounts as you want;
  • Unlimited cPanel accounts for your clients to be able to manage all aspects of their own hosting accounts;
  • Unlimited FTP accounts and MySQL databases for easy website creation;
  • Unlimited email accounts.
Additionally, you will find a few other exceptional features that will make you and your clients want to keep your Hostgator accounts close. These include a powerful free site builder software along with more than 4,000 different website templates for easy website design, as well as a free, secure reseller account and billing system for your to easily manage your reselling business.

Why Opt for the Hostgator Reseller Plan?

When joining Hostgator, you will realize that there are quite a few factors that contribute to Hostgator’s superiority when it comes to competing with other hosting providers that offer reselling plans. One of the most impressive of these is the fact that they allow for unlimited domain names, and another is the company’s 99.9% uptime guarantee which, unlike in the case of many low quality hosting providers, is kept quite faithfully.

There are, of course, several other key selling points that Hostgator relies on, and all of them are worth checking out:

  • GigE connections supported by 10 backbone connection providers for ensuring maximum uptime;
  • Easy setup and secure account management software for conveniently taking care of every aspect of your reseller account;
  • Instant backups that keep your files and your clients’ websites safe even in the unlikely event of an error or malfunction;
  • Quality, 24/7 support from the Hostgator staff to help minimize any potential problems or difficulties.

If you plan on starting your own hosting company, getting acquainted with Hostgator’s various reseller plans is probably one of the best choices you can make. The company has a remarkable reputation for quality support and reliable uptime, and the security, manageability and generous feature lists they offer are also worth looking into. And don't forget the reseller Hostgator Coupon 2015 promo on this site that will provide you with yet another added benefit.

Hostgator Baby Plan vs Business Plan

baby plan versus business plan
HostGator is a company that doesn’t need an introduction. With reliable services, unlimited disk space and bandwidth, free support and a ton of features, this web hosting company can provide you with everything you need to set up and maintain your website. However, because there are several plans, you should be aware of the main differences so as to choose the one that fits your needs best. Here is a direct comparison of the starter Baby plan versus the more e-commerce oriented Business plan.

Web hosting packages
With both the Baby and Business plans you will get unlimited disk space and bandwidth. You will have all the resources you need to both add elements, features and others while also ensuring that you will get all the bandwidth you will ever need to allow your visitors to browse through your website. Both plans will provide you with an unlimited amount of domains, so you can set up as many websites as you want as long as you have the resources to run them.

While the Baby plan won’t provide you with your own toll free number, the Business plan will, so carefully take this aspect into consideration when choosing between the two plans. You won’t get any free dedicated IP or free private SSL with the Baby plan while the Business plan will provide you with both.

Package details
In terms of package details, both plans are pretty similar. Both the Baby and the Business plans will ensure that you benefit from 24 x 7 support so that any technical problem or performance issue will quickly be addressed by the experienced HostGator staff. Both plans will provide you with instant backups so that you won’t risk losing data during an outage. You also get a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and also a 45 day money back guarantee on both plans. You’ll also get $100 dollars on $25 spent and free instant setup regardless if you go for the Baby or for the Business plan.

Domain and FTP features
Both the Baby and Business plans will offer you the possibility to have an unlimited number of addon or parked domains, while only the Business plan will provide you with an anonymous FTP. Both of these plans will offer you an unlimited number of sub domains and FTP accounts.

Web hosting features
In terms of supported web hosting features, both of these plans have the same to offer. Both the Baby and the Business plans will provide you with an unlimited number of MySQL databases. Common supported features are WordPress hosting, CGI and fast CGI, Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl, SSI, Cron, Image Magick and more. Regardless of which plan you opt for, you will also get supported streaming audio and video and benefit from free module installation.

Email hosting
E-mail hosting is also similar for both plans. You will get an unlimited amount of POP3 accounts on both these plans, plus web mail, e-mail alias, mailing lists, mail forwarding, IMAP support, SMTP, Catch Alls or Spam Assassin.

Control panel features
Both the Baby and the Business plans offer the same control panel features including instant FormMail, portals, PHPnuke, forums and more. You will also get hotlink protection, a web based file manager, redirect URL and phpMyAdmin.

Website statistics
Both plans offer a Webalizer, referred and error logs and a raw log manager so that you won’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of time interpreting logs on your own.

E-commerce features
Here is where the Business plan shines over Baby. The Business plan provides you with your own toll free number and you also have included in the package a Private SSL. You will also get a dedicate IP free of charge with the Business plan while with Baby you will pay $2 per month. Both plans have the usual e-commerce features such as ZenCart, Cube Cart and osCommerce.

Prices start from $6.36 per month for the Baby plan and from $10.36 per month for the Business plan. These prices reflect a 20% off first invoice and have a three year plan selected. By applying our Hostgator Coupon Codes you can get a far greater discount.

So if you have basic needs for your website, then you will be fine with the Baby plan. If you need more e-commerce features, then Business is the way to go. Choose the one that fits your needs and start your own website right away.

Don't forget: we have various Hostgator discounts that are fresh and valid which can be applied to either the Business Plan or Baby Plan from Hostgator.